Community collaborations & Wildlife night vision


Poacher cam, 2019

My many projects over the years have introduced me to the richness of collaboration. The intentional inclusion of others in the creation of work challenges conventional notions of authorship, and expands the material and subject of a project. In painting, the process of collaboration is difficult. Does one share the brush…take turns on the canvas? Or does the collaboration take place on the conceptual level?  I chose to create a community of collaborators –with others helping to identify subjects and locate images to be made into paintings.

Images relayed to me via digital networks are used to render permanent images in paint which externalize the online transmission of the member ideas. Many of the collaboration participants are ranchers. Because of their localities and proximity to wild spaces, they all seem to set up night-vision, motion-activated cameras near water sources on their properties to capture the guests that visit in the night. There is a certain enthusiasm we share for these cameras, a drive to capture image, but also a type of security or surveillance. The magic of these images is heightened by the enthusiasm in sharing them and the corresponding dialogues about the subjects. I will then select a single frame that best describes the event and work it to my satisfaction, then finally sharing the image and my experiences back to the before mentioned rancher.


Toto and the doorman, 2020

Low-Jacks B-day outing, 2021

Low-Jacks B-day outing, 2021

White Tail, 2019

White Tail, 2019

watering cam flight, 2019

Watering cam flight, 2019

Watering cam house cat, 2018

Watering cam house cat, 2018


Studio visit, 2018


The Big Dog, 2019

Surprise Rack, 2019

Surprise Rack, 2019


Norwegians on Mars, 2019


Night vision, 2018


Night Visions, 2019


Night-life, 2019


Mr Snake Wrangler, 2018


Bobcat starry night, 2019